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Simulyn IO is a framework/library that is used to import and export the inputs for the mathematical models that are stored in external files. Simulyn IO uses the Apache POI library to support comma delimited .csv file formats as well as Microsoft .xls and .xlsx file formats. While Simulyn IO was written to support the Simulyn Framework, it is an independent library that can be used with any application that needs to read and write data from spreadsheet files.

Simulyn IO helps developers because it allows applications to read and write two dimensional arrays of primitive doubles from and to external spreadsheet files with only a few lines of code. Even though Simulyn IO is built ontop of the Apache POI library, there is still a lot of code required to get your matrices out of spreadsheet files and into your application. Simulyn IO has done all of the heavy lifting for you, so your simulation can be reading and writing files to Microsoft Excel in only a few minutes.

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