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The Simulyn 2.0 is a Java framework designed to significantly decrease the development time required to build simulators for mathematical models by providing a basic framework to develop against. Simulyn 2.0 allows the Input Models, Algorithm Models, and Output Models for the simulation to be heavily decoupled from each other while still being highly cohesive.

Simulyn 2.0 can reduce your development time by half, or even more and you will have a final product that is highly cohesive, loosley coupled and easy maintain. Simulation software with compelx user interfaces has code that tends to have a bunch of state that needs to be modified and then passed around everywhere, while still keeping everything loosley coupled. Simulyn 2.0 will prevent you from ending up with stovepipe design or a big ball of kludge in the end. Simulyn 2.0 also provides you with many of the special UI components that you will need that Swing doesn't quite offer out of the box. This means your end user isn't frustrated by poorly suited components and you didn't spend a bunch of time creating better ones.

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