Force OBD2: Diagnostic Edition – How To use OBD2

Demonstrating how to connect and use Force OBD2 with your vehicle.

Connecting Force OBD2 to Your Vehicle

  1. Plug your OBD2 module into the vehicle and turn the ignition to the ‘ON’ position
  2. Pair a bluetooth OBD2 module with your phone or tablet. Or, if you are using WiFi, connect your phone to the WiFi device.
  3. Open Force OBD2 and select “OBD2”
  4. Open settings and select your interface type (Bluetooth or WiFi)
  5. If you are using Bluetooth, select the Bluetooth OBD2 module you previously paired from Bluetooth Devices
  6. If you are using WiFi, Force OBD2 will try to connect to the device your phones WiFi is connected to.
  7. Return to the OBD2 screen and press “Connect”
  8. After Force OBD2 connects with your vehicle you can read and clear the Check Engine Light, check the Emissions Readiness status or log vehicle parameters.