Audi B5 S4 2.7T – K04/RS6 vs 770R

A comparison between K04/RS6 hybrid and Tial 770R turbos on the same built 2.8l engine. Logs taken on days with similar ambient air pressure and air temperature and the same water/methanol injection on 91 octane at 5,280ft.


Audi stroked and bored 2.8L w/ built 2.8 heads and 2.8l intake cam



K04/RS6 vs Tial 770R boost

Ignition Timing:

K04/RS6 vs Tial 770 Ignition Timing


FATS (60-95MPH):

K04/RS6 vs Tial 770R FATS (60-95mph)


K04/RS6 vs Tial 770R acceleration

Power and Torque:

K04/RS6 vs Tial 770R Power and Torque

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