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Trying to get your compass app to work in your car, boat or plane? There are many compass apps available, but very few of them provide the functionality to work almost everywhere. Compass Geek offers the most accurate heading possible by performing compensations not available on a traditional magnetic compass or other popular compass apps. Compass Geek can compensate for the tilt of the device as well as the magnetic declination caused by disotortions in the earths magnetic field providing the user with a bearing of geodetic (true) north. However, these common compensations may not be enough to get a compass app working in your vehicle.

Cars, boats, planes or structures with metal frames can cause local distortions to the magnetic field in addition to the magnetic declination. The distortions can render a traditional magnetic compass and most compass apps useless. Compass Geek can compensate for these distortions, known as hard and soft iron effects, to produce an accurate bearing in almost any location. Compass Geek is perfect for applications where a phone or tablet is mounted permantently in the vehicle.

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GPS satellites are used to determine your location and compensate for the magnetic declination. This provides a measurement of true (geodetic) north instead of magnetic north like most compasses.

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Tilt compensation via accelerometer or gyroscope sensors ensures that the compass is always level no matter what angle the device is being used from.

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Compass Geek can compensate for local distortions in the magnetic field known as hard-iron distortions. These distortions are common in cars, boats, planes and other structures surrounded with metal. Once Compass Geek has been calibrated, it will work in places a traditional magnetic compass will not.

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Compass Geek is constantly monitoring the magnetic field for indications that it might be distorted. If distortion is detected, the user is alerted that a compensation may be required to ensure you always find you direction.