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Kircher Electronics develops software applications for mobile platforms and embedded devices. We tend to focus on applications that help to quantify certain aspects of our world and specialize in sensors and sensor fusions. Our developers have published over a dozen open source projects demonstrating implementations of accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes in addition to many forms of digital filtering and sensor fusions. In the past we have created advanced boost controllers and window switches for automotive applictions, we have written education applications demonstrating systems theory and neural networks and helped to develop ecommerce websites.

Today Kircher Electronics focuses on writing applications that get the most from mobile devices, embedded devices and their availble sensors. We have a developed a number of advanced algorithms that allow us to fuse the sensors to provide highly accurate estimations of the location, speed, acceleration and direction of the device. These algorithms serve as a base for applications that can guide autonomous vechicles, track your route, detect dangerous driving behavior, measure the power produced by an engine, interface with a vehicle to provide diagnostics or even provide location based lap timing.

Kaleb Kircher is the founder and lead developer at Kircher Electronics. He graduated from Regis University as summa cum laude with a double major in Computer Science and Business Administration. He is the author of over fifteen Android based mobile applications and maintains many open source projects.